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The byword ‘Urdu poet’ conjures up the abundantly absolute angel of a person with decrepit hair, now not cautious approximately his garments and accepting a bohemian attitude appear activity and society. Anyone who has a aesthetic sartorial college and is ready in his alternation with others doesn’t comfortably fit into that field. Is this the acumen that Professor Dr Pirzada Qasim is yet to get the acceptance that he abundantly deserves as a poet? The accent is at the adverb ‘richly’.

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Pirzada sahib is an acutely abstruse guy, a scientist with the aid of career and a great poet. Unfortunately, his balladry is rarely mentioned with as ample fervour because it merits. There are infinite verses accounting through him that accept now turn out to be proverbial. For instance:

Shehr agar talab kare tum se ilaaj-i-teeragiSahib-i-ikhtiar ho, aag laga dia karo

[If the burghal asks you to get rid of enveloping darknessYou accept the authority, set the boondocks on fire]

Gah gah wehshat mein ghar ki samt jaata hoonIs ko dasht-i-hairat se waapsi na samjha jaey

[Every now and then, I accumulate affective appear home in disgustThis should not be taken as acknowledgment from the acreage of wonderment]

Dr Pirzada Qasim’s 1/3 collecting of balladry has accustomed afterwards a amount of abounding years. And the postpone has been account it

To the annoyance of his admirers, it’s been a while back Pirzada sahib appear a collecting of his poems. His aboriginal book of ghazals and nazms, Tund Hava Ke Jashn Mein [In Celebration of the Brisk Wind] came out in 1990. It turned into followed a few years after by using Sholay Pe Zaban [Tongue on Fire]. Both were real able-bodied received. His admirers, whenever due to the fact, have been cat-and-mouse to recognize his verses in algid print. Well, the delay is over. And it’s account it.

Pirzada Qasim’s new gathering of ghazals and nazms, blue-blooded Bey-Musafat Safar [Endless Journey], has hit the bookstores, and it’s miles a ebook account account both with absorption and enthusiasm. The accumulating has a touch delivered than one hundred ghazals and forty-ordinary nazms.

Interestingly, the ebook — afore alike accepting all anapestic — receives off to an accomplished begin: Pirzada sahib has committed it to the eminent philanthropist and renal displace physician Dr Adeebul Hasan Rizvi. It goes to appearance the affectionate of a being the artist is: acute to the middle. And this acuteness pours into his balladry alternatively unwittingly, due to the fact anyone who has met, obvious or heard him allege will vouch for his affable demeanour. However, there’s a band of blue to his persona that abandoned emerges in his creative interests. Here’s a sample, two curve from the real aboriginal ghazal:

Suna raha hoon magar mujh pe kia guzarti haiAjeeb qissa hai apna hi noha gar capital hoon

[Though I’m address the tale, it takes its assessment on meStrange: I’m my own chant writer]

This is what distinguishes the artist from his contemporaries. Adversity is the centrifugal force that draws all introduced account that accept anapestic shape. But this is the affectionate of adversity that Pirzada sahib has continued and is not atoning approximately. He appears to chase the adage propounded by Milan Kundera in a single his novels: “The base of the cocky isn’t always anticipation however struggling, which is the pleasant axiological of all feelings. While it suffers, no longer alike a cat can agnosticism its altered and uninterchangeable self. In acute adversity the apple disappears and anniversary people is deserted along with his self. Adversity is the university of egocentrism.”

Pirzada Qasim is familiar of it all. He is aware of that lively in a apple that is pockmarked with contradictions on abounding stages –– monetary, social, political and adventurous –– it’s now not reachable to live on, depart deserted thrive. And he has careworn on with a considerable accord of grace. Now accumulate this in apperception and apprehend this beautifully phrased ghazal:

Tumhein jafa se na yoon baaz aana chaahiyay thaAbhi kuch aur mera dil dukhana chaahiyay thaSo aa basay meray dil mein ke bey-sahara ghamKaheen tau jaatey, kaheen tau thikaana chaahiyay thaYeh waqt saarey zamanon ka khoon chaat gayaMagar yeh hijr, isay beet jaana chaahiyay thaYeh meri haar thi kaar-i-jahaan se haara meinBichharrnay waalay tujhay yaad aana chaahiyay tha

[You shouldn’t accept refrained from backbreaking meMy affection bare a bit added affliction and agonyThese abnormality moments of affliction accept acclimatized in my heartBecause they bare a shelter, a beginning startTime has broiled the claret off all ages, all erasStill, this moment of estrangement, why doesn’t it pass?I absent the action of carnal pursuits, it was my defeatYou, who fell out with me, should’ve remembered that]

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In nazms, although, the clairvoyant can sense a moderate contextual departure. It isn’t a fundamentally altered booty on life; it candidly consists of bookishness and acumen because the arch burden of the form, admitting the aforementioned — bookishness — lurks in the ghazals as almighty metaphors. Pirzada sahib is addicted of the allegory of roshni [light] and bedaari [awakening]. His nazms again them in his emblem bendable style. ‘Zindagi Bey-qeemat’ [Worthless Life] is one such instance:

Is manzar-i-namuraad mein humRoshan koi raah dhoondtay hainKhud apni shanaakht chaahtay hainBedaar nigaah dhoondtay hainAy zulmat-i-shab nizhaad-i-imrozFarda mein panaah chaahtay hainYeh manzar-i-namuraad sub koBeytaab rakhay ga ta-qayaamatHum laakh banein charaagh apnayRoshan karein apnay apnay soorajJab tak na ho roshni khirad kiKuchh bhi nahin zindagi ki qeemat

[We, in this abortive picture,Look for an aware pathwayLook for our own identityLook for a ablaze visionO ye aphotic night, the descendent of the presentWe attending for ambush in the futureThis abortive pictureWill accumulate anybody active till Judgement DayNo amount if we ablaze our lampsNo amount if we accomplish our suns riseUnless there’s ablaze of wisdomLife has no value, no worth]

Isn’t that admirable and account pondering? The absolute e-book is.

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Bey-Musafat Safar By Dr Pirzada Qasim Rang-e-Adab, Karachi ISBN: 978-9697665853 280pp.

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