Major Items Found In Medical Labs

medical lab in Dubai is a place where people can do experiments to measure the number of chemicals. There are many different tools and instruments in a medical lab, including pipettes, test tubes, and crucibles. The following are some of the most common items used in a medical lab. These tools are necessary for conducting experiments and helping scientists diagnose patients. It is important to note that some tools are more commonly found in the hospital than others.

Test tubes:

One of the major items in a medical lab is a test tube. These are small, sterile plastic tubes used to collect bodily fluids for testing purposes. These tubes are drained of air before use and sealed with a cap to prevent the growth of organisms. They can be used in a variety of applications and can vary in size and shape. A typical test tube has a stubby bottom, while a blood collection tube has a conical bottom.


There are many different types of pipettes used in medical laboratories. These devices are commonly found in medical facilities and can be used for the analysis of biological samples. Pipettes have numerous advantages. For example, they reduce the amount of pressure that must be exerted on the hands and wrists, reducing the likelihood of injuries. Pipettes with buttons and hooks help relieve this pressure. Large pipettes can help avoid hand strain when operating.

Walk-in hoods:

Walk-in hoods are used to exhaust fumes generated by chemicals and other processes. These hoods are floor-mounted and are used alongside larger equipment and other lab equipment. Generally, walk-in hoods are used with taller equipment and feature clear, tempered glass panels. Their design makes it easy to work in them, with their wide front sash and slim wall posts.


The crucible is a piece of glassware that is used in a laboratory for burning solid chemical compounds over a burner. Crucibles are used for all kinds of chemicals and substances, including pigments, in a variety of modern laboratory processes. Crucibles can be used for both hot and cold processes, and are highly durable. A crucible is useful in pigmentation experiments, heat-related processes, and quantitative gravimetric analysis. Having the right crucible for the job increases a lab technician’s efficiency.

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